Qlik Launches Singapore Cloud Region


Qlik has launched a new cloud region in Singapore, its second cloud region in the Asia Pacific, and fourth globally. The other Qlik cloud regions are in Australia, Ireland, and the United States.

For Southeast Asia customers that host their analyst applications in Qlik’s cloud, the presence of the cloud in Singapore means they can now expect increased responsiveness and a better experience.

Singapore cloud region

According to Qlik, the new cloud region builds on its continued investment in Singapore, which began with the opening of its corporate office in 2011.

Qlik says its Singapore cloud region will enable organizations to store and deploy data for analytics locally at scale, reaping optimal operational performance and data compliance with the cost savings of the cloud.

Moreover, storing data in the regional cloud will give customers the ability to serve the analytics needs of their end-users across the region more effectively with even faster access and lower latency.

“Digital transformation is [imperative] for businesses wanting to thrive in today’s era of constant change, with the move to the cloud being a crucial enabler,” said Geoff Thomas, the senior vice president of Qlik for the Asia Pacific and Japan.

Thomas pointed to how the strategic placement of the new Qlik cloud region can help its customers comply with stringent local data residency requirements. He added: “The new cloud region will also support the country’s Smart Nation plans to boost digital adoption in local businesses to further build resiliency, innovation, and competitiveness.”

Qlik Forts

Qlik last week also introduced Qlik Forts, a new hybrid cloud service based on the Qlik Cloud platform. The service extends Qlik’s cloud analytics capabilities to wherever data and compute needs to reside, without requiring customers to migrate their data.

Qlik Forts is a hybrid cloud service pre-packaged to run as a virtual appliance on-premises or in any cloud – including top cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Like other Qlik Cloud services, Qlik Forts are managed by Qlik to ensure they are always up-to-date with the latest features. Qlik Forts can reside on an organization’s network and behind the firewall. Applications, data connections, and data files stay local to the Fort, supporting any data location requirement possible.

Image credit: iStockphoto/Thitichaya Yajampa