Snowflake Acquires Streamlit for USD800M

Snowflake is acquiring popular machine learning and data science app framework Streamlit.

According to reports, Snowflake and Streamlit have announced the signing of a definitive agreement for Snowflake to acquire Streamlit. The acquisition is expected to unlock unrealized potential data and ease the path for data scientists to build data applications.

The deal is subject to required regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

An app for data science

Created to make it easy for data scientists to build web apps to explore and showcase data-centric projects, machine learning models, and complex data types, Streamlit was founded by machine learning veterans in 2019.

The open-source framework enables developers and data scientists to build and share data apps quickly without the need to become an expert in front-end development.

Driven in part by the popularity of Python, even users with a novice grasp of Python can get started with Streamlit to “quickly get an answer” – according to co-founder and chief operating officer Amanda Kelly.

As we reported last year, Streamlit dissolves the complexity of app development by simplifying user interface layouts, user inputs, app interactions, and callbacks. It also supports third-party components that give it the ability to plot complex graphics and stream video, for example.

Streamlit announced its version 1.0 milestone late last year and currently has over 8 million downloads. It is understood that more than 1.5 million applications have been built using their framework.

With the acquisition, Snowflake says its customers will be able to leverage Streamlit’s robust app development framework to further unlock data with the Snowflake Data Cloud, and easily build apps with simplified data access and governance.

Streamlit users will benefit from an even larger and more active community contributing to the Streamlit framework, with easier access to trusted and secure data to power their data applications.

“At Snowflake, we believe in bringing together open standards and open source with industry-leading data governance and security,” said Snowflake co-founder Benoit Dageville.

“When Snowflake and Streamlit come together, we will be able to provide developers and data scientists with a single, powerful hub to discover and collaborate with data they can trust to build next-generation data apps and shape the future of data science.”

Streamlit CEO and co-founder Adrien Treuille summed up the deal: “By joining forces with Snowflake, both the Streamlit and Snowflake developer communities will be able to tap into cutting edge technologies for unlocking data’s true potential.”

Image credit: iStockphoto/eternalcreative