Solving the Data Integrity Challenge for Decision Making

Image credit: iStockphoto/Christian Horz

Data integrity solutions provider Precisely introduced at its Trust ’22 event the Precisely Data Integrity Suite — a new product line featuring the company's latest innovations in data integrity.

The announcement comes as a new International Data Corporation (IDC) Spotlight paper on “Improving Data Integrity and Trust through Transparency and Enrichment” showed that only 27% of data professionals trust their data completely. With the release of the new Data Integrity Suite, Precisely believes it is making tools available for greater data quality.

Based on the same IDC report, 63% of organizations reported that higher levels of data integrity positively impact their business metrics. In addition, the “Improving Data Integrity and Trust through Transparency and Enrichment” paper also revealed that 63% of data professionals believe they are expected to make data-driven business decisions. Meanwhile, 30% of data professionals strongly believe their actions are driven by data analysis.

“Data integrity is an imperative for every business, but the journey to achieving it is different for every organization. With the Precisely Data Integrity Suite, businesses can start anywhere, go at their own pace, and grow value at every step of their unique journey,” said Eric Yau, chief operating officer at Precisely.

The Data Integrity Suite comprises seven interoperable SaaS modules that can be deployed individually or combined, enabling businesses to handle multiple levels of trusted data.

Available for early access, Precisely Data Integrity Suite's Data Integration, Data Observability, and Data Governance modules offer businesses the tools they need to build a foundation of accuracy and consistency in their data:

  • Data integration helps companies break down silos by connecting data from core transaction systems to modern data platforms, improving mission-critical infrastructure.

  • Data observability is a new tool from Precisely that proactively detects and surfaces data anomalies to prevent downstream issues that could disrupt business.

  • Data governance provides a framework for organizations to leverage critical data across the business, improve business outcomes and insights, and address compliance requirements.

Precisely will also release additional modules to join the Data Integrity Suite in the coming months. These upcoming modules are Data Quality, Geo Addressing, Spatial Analytics, and Data Enrichment.

“Businesses are increasingly investing in DataOps to improve the data they use for analytics and decision-making continually. The Precisely Data Integrity Suite’s end-to-end, integrated approach to data integration, data governance, and quality, as well as location intelligence and data enrichment, gives organizations all the tools and agility they need to automate and iterate on the integrity of their data,” said Anjan Kundavaram, chief product officer at Precisely.

Image credit: iStockphoto/Christian Horz