Being Clever About Delivering Exceptional CX

Image credit: iStockphoto/Moon Safari

Customer experience (CX) has become one of the most critical differentiators for businesses in the digital age, and it will only become more important in the years to come. To stay ahead of the curve, companies must start thinking about how they can deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Global feedback company Netigate found in its research that while 60% of companies currently have a dedicated person or team focusing solely on CX, only 52% of respondents said they felt proud of their current CX strategy.

In a study conducted earlier this year, Netigate asked 79 customer experience professionals from various industries about their challenges and plans for the future. They found that most companies have a dedicated person or team focusing solely on the customer experience. Furthermore, 46% of businesses plan to increase their customer experience budget over the next two years.

When asked what needs to change to ensure CX's success over the next five years, the respondents highlighted:

  • Embed CX strategy into the company culture.

  • Create a better online experience for customers.

  • Streamline processes and values when it comes to CX.

  • Invest in better tools for measuring the customer experience.

  • Put better processes in place for collecting customer feedback and acting on data.

Based on the results, Netigate shared these four tips for effectively using feedback to improve the customer experience:

  • Implement feedback processes at all touchpoints in the customer journey to understand the customers' needs. This can take many forms — from a survey widget on your website to an automated survey triggered after a customer service call.

  • Set clear goals and priorities for each part of the feedback process. Clear objectives will help businesses choose the right feedback collection method and bring out the most actionable insights.

  • Gather customer feedback continuously, as customers' needs and expectations will continuously evolve. Use a metric like the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to track the progress over time and see the comparison versus competitors.

  • Take action on the feedback received. Companies that fall short in this area fail to put the insights they receive from customer experience (CX) into practice. This can be due to a lack of appropriate processes for handling, analyzing, and acting on feedback. 

When delivering exceptional customer experiences, businesses of all sizes will have different needs and requirements. What's considered best practice for one company may not necessarily meet others' expectations. But one thing is sure: gathering customer feedback is vital for businesses to create a positive customer experience every time.

Image credit: iStockphoto/Moon Safari