Decoding Threats: The Real Challenge to Business Relationships

Ask any business or IT leader, and you'll find security among their topmost concerns. The rapid adoption of SaaS applications, faster digital transformation, and focus on business agility to weather market challenges will only worsen it. It's clear that throwing more firewalls at the problem is not the answer. Instead, it involves a mindset shift that begins with business leaders looking at cybersecurity as a risk management concern. 

In this video, recorded at a recent IBM Zero Trust Forum, you will hear IBM speakers and a guest speaker talk about how companies can start modernizing security, the role of zero trust in the future of security, and why quantum security can be a gamechanger. View to learn:

  • The next wave of cybersecurity threats: Are we ready?
  • Gamechangers: The new rules for business leaders in the regulatory world of threats (fireside chat with Dr. Nareshkumar Harale of ReBIT)
  • Leading with a strong technology approach to break through the cyber security architecture battle
  • Post quantum crypto — a dimension of risk