How Australian Firms Fare in Managing Fraud

Australians are embracing e-commerce. According to a report by eMarketer1, Australia’s total online sales are forecasted to exceed $29.4 billion in 2018.

In order to meet the demands in an ever-changing consumer landscape, businesses in Australia are growing their businesses via multiple channels. While advancements in technology have made online payments safer, simpler and more convenient, the associated risks and complexities of fraud have also risen. 

The second edition of this report examines the top fraud management priorities and studies the growing impact of mobile fraud.

The CyberSource Online Fraud Benchmark Report -- 2018 Australia Edition summarizes answers from 200 business professionals across Australia based on phone interviews conducted by GfK between September and November 2017.

NOTE:1 Asia-Pacific Retail and Ecommerce Sales: eMarketer's Updated Estimates for 2017–2021, Jan 2018

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