Gartner Research: Edge Strategy Tech Trends

New business requirements and technical capabilities are driving more computing and communications power toward the edge of the network, according to this Gartner Research report. Edge architectures and technologies will be an essential component of innovative products and services.
Highlights from Gartner report:

  • Adopt edge computing in situations where cloud architectures deliver insufficient security and resiliency in the event of network failure, or when using technologies, such as virtual reality, where a compelling user experience demands real-time responsiveness.
  • Design new products and services to exploit endpoint, near-edge and far-edge processing to enable superior security and performance, or to reduce hardware and networking costs by offloading local processing to shared edge services.
  • Focus investment on new edge applications that deliver return on investment in under two years to counter the risks of edge immaturity, and support all edge deployments with system management, monitoring and security tools.

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