Equinix Sustainability Report Highlights for FY2020

Sustainability took on a new meaning with COVID-19. Companies immediately saw the value in protecting the environment, driving social programs, and improving governance. The same principles are embodied in Equinix’s Future First Strategy.

This report highlights Equinix's progress in environment, social, and governance. Written like a report card, it will highlight key milestones achieved in numbers and infographics while pointing out the company’s next steps.


  • Equinix partnered with like-minded companies to advance low-carbon policies, share renewable buying knowledge, and drive innovation in data center design and operations.
  • Equinix created a unique corporate culture that feels safe and where everyone felt they belonged and mattered by prioritizing diversity and innovation.
  • Strong corporate governance allowed Equinix to create a culture built on integrity and performance while advocating a sustainable future.

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