Market Report: The State of O365 Backup

Barracuda Networks just released key findings from its commissioned report titled "The state of Office 365 backup." The research surveyed global IT decision-makers to capture their opinions and perspectives about Office 365, data security, backup and recovery, SaaS solutions, and a variety of related topics.

“With the rapid shift to remote work dramatically increasing reliance on SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams over the past year, protecting Office 365 data is a more crucial requirement than ever before—and more challenging,” said Tim Jefferson, senior vice president, engineering for data, networks and application security, Barracuda Networks. “That’s why organizations are looking for comprehensive, easy-to-use backup solutions that are fast to get up and running and include capabilities like granular retention that aren’t included in Microsoft’s native functionality.”

Fast Facts

  • 52% of IT decision-makers say their organization has experienced a ransomware attack
  • 67% of organizations are still relying solely on capabilities built-in Office 365 to backup and recover Office 365 data 
  • 81% of respondents indicate that using Teams creates a data-retention concern

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