100,000 Retailers Join WeChat Pay Campaign

In a show of e-payment force, Tencent is rolling out a global program to promote WeChat Pay. The marketing campaign will feature discounts on products and services to lure more Chinese visitors to the shops during the festive season.

Nearly 100,000 retailers across the globe joined this effort, high participations from countries that see Chinese visitors. They include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the USA and South Korea.

The campaign rides on Chinese outbound tourists’ appetite to shop while traveling. WeChat Pay, which is already well established in Mainland China, offers a familiar payment service for Chinese travelers.

The campaign also highlights Tencent’s increasing investment in broadening WeChat Pay’s footprint overseas. Mostly, it wants the payment services to be viewed as a proven cross-border payment solution that better connects with Chinese visitors.

WeChat Pay, like its rival Alipay, is already available outside of Mainland China at the beginning of 2017. Merchants in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan, are already using the payment service to engage with Chinese travelers.

Besides payment, WeChat's cross-border payment system provides merchants with membership information, big data analysis, social marketing, coupons, advertising, and mini-apps. These can help them to fine-tune their promotions and marketing.

Currently, WeChat Pay's cross-border business is providing approved payment services in 25 countries and regions outside of China and supporting direct payment in 12 currencies across 20 countries and regions.

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