Frank Delivers 20% Service Efficiency for Deliveroo

Food delivery startup Deliveroo Hong Kong is betting on AI for improved efficiency. The firm recently introduced Frank, an algorithm that uses predictive analytics to tell riders the most efficient paths to hungry customers.

From the onset, Frank delivered. According to the firm, the algorithm reduced delivery time for meals by 20%. It is also turning Hong Kong into one of its most efficient markets globally.

"For Deliveroo's 2,500 restaurant partners in Hong Kong, Frank has significant benefits, with machine learning predicting the preparation time of each meal based on the specific order and time of day, helping to streamline the experience from order to restaurant to customer. With the help of Frank, restaurants have been able to improve efficiency and save an average of 13 minutes preparation time per meal, which is of great help, especially during peak hours," Brian Lo, General Manager, Hong Kong at Deliveroo said in a press release.

Frank, the real-time dispatch algorithm, was developed by Deliveroo's global technology team. It acts as a central "nerve center" and calculates the best routes and the riders according to available riders, orders, and destinations.

Frank's decision process uses machine learning predictive modeling. It calculates when the food will be ready, how long every part of the delivery process will take and which rider has the best characteristics to fulfill each order based on the weather, distance, and location among other factors. It also delivers more precise delivery details to customers, ensuring that they are always informed of the food arrival.

"Deliveroo's bespoke technology is the most exciting thing being developed in Europe right now. We're building an algorithm which can cope with millions of simultaneous orders, while continuously refining itself, improving the experience for our riders, restaurants, and customers. The results in Hong Kong show this is working and as we grow our tech team and continue to refine our trailblazing technology, I look forward to seeing further improvements for customers in the region," Mike Hudack, Deliveroo's Chief Technology Officer said.

Deliveroo is looking to build on Frank's success with fresh new funds. In September, Deliveroo announced it had raised USD 385 million of new funding, a large part of which has been specifically dedicated to the growth of its technology capability. It will allow further focus on improvements to the customer experience and rider experience while continuing to develop product innovation.