Thinxtra to Switch On First Cellular IoT Network in Hong Kong

Cellular Internet of Things (IoT) is coming to Hong Kong, and the deployers are hoping to upgrade lives.

Thinxtra recently announced that Hong Kong’s first IoT network, Sigfox, will reach full deployment and will cover more than 90% of the territory.

The company is the exclusive Sigfox operator and first wireless IoT licensee in Hong Kong.

With the deployment of Sigfox, which Thinxtra claims will be the first global cellular IOT network in Hong Kong, the company is looking to spur Industry 4.0 and smart city IoT initiatives, while improving daily lives.

“The widespread implementation of IoT devices will help enhance Hong Kong’s economic competitiveness and quality of life,” Murray Hankinson, Managing Director of Thinxtra Asia said in a press release.

Sigfox uses small messaging LPWA gateways installed across the territory, making it easier for Hong Kong residents and businesses to adopt IoT solutions.

“Since launching in Hong Kong late last year, Thinxtra has been focused on two important tasks: nurturing the local IoT ecosystem to stimulate innovation and rolling out the network to make such innovation possible,” Hankinson said.

Thinxtra is working with Hong Kong Broadband Network to deploy the LPWA network while supporting research and development at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks

The Hong Kong Thinxtra network will connect with Thinxtra networks in Australia and New Zealand, along with Sigfox networks and IoT ecosystems in 48 countries around the world.