Cotton On Takes on Fraudsters with a Single 'Punch'

Cotton On Group’s simple and elegant fashion style is now becoming its blueprint to fight e-commerce fraud.

Australia’s largest global retailer chose Adyen’s payment solutions to power its entire range of brands, including Cotton On, Cotton On KIDS, Cotton On BODY, Rubi, Supré, Factorie, and Typo. It rolled out the solution to all markets in April 2018.

Improved fraud management was the primary reason. "By adopting the Adyen platform, the Group has gained access to a greater breadth of payment capability – all while benefitting from a more sophisticated fraud management approach, resulting in lower fraud," Brendan Sweeney, Cotton On Group General Manager of eCommerce said.

Choosing a single platform allowed the Cotton On Group to consolidate its various payment programs and easily turn on a product like RevenueProtect, an integrated risk management system, for all its operations. Adyen’s ShopperDNA also gave the retailer a more comprehensive view of the customer behind each transaction, making it easy for customer service teams to trace online fraudsters as they try to switch networks, devices, and identities.

Adyen's partnership is more than about combating fraud. Direct local acquiring is another reason why the Group decided to consolidate. A single solution allowed the retailer to streamline settlements while adding depth to investigating problematic transactions.

"Beyond this, local acquiring has helped the Group streamline settlements timelines, improve cash flow, and provide greater visibility of disputes, refunds, and cancellations. Adyen provides us with a convenient single-platform solution that processes the entire payment from beginning to end and keeps all data in one place," Sweeney said.

Using Adyen’s platform, the Cotton On Group launched online banking payment methods in new markets, such as Malaysia and South Africa. The platform also offered local acquiring and consolidated processing for the Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Great Britain, and US markets.

“We now accept a wide range of payment types that are relevant to our customers in each market, unlocking greater growth,” Sweeney said.