Ping An Technology Flexes Creative AI Muscle

The company showcased what can happen when AI gets creative.

While many see AI as a decision-making tool, the emerging technology is making significant inroads in the world of art. Controversial and often criticized, AI art still highlights the potential for intelligent technology to be creative.

At 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Ping An Technology showcased what happens when AI becomes creative. Jessica Tan, co-chief executive officer, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China and Xiao Jing, chief Scientist of the Group introduced AI that painted, composed masterpieces and wrote poetry.

Powered by technologies like deep learning and convolutional neural network, "PingAn AI Painting" can create a vivid painting. All it needs is a simple instruction. It uses machine learning to compare its works with the world's painting masterpieces and refine its skills.

The "Composer for Everyone" application allows both professional and non-professional users to become master composers. It uses a variety of AI models that were trained using existing data. The application only needs a short rhythm to compose new and unique pieces of music.

Meanwhile, “Magical Brush An” can write modern or ancient poets according to different types of images.

Ping An also introduced several healthcare and financial services applications. The start was "Eagle Eye." It uses the management platforms  “Regulations Verification” and “Big Data Risk Management” to improve verification accuracy and reduce fraud in health insurance.