Cloud-native Analytics Gets a Speed Upgrade

Workload performance is a big concern for cloud-based analytics. It becomes crucial for mission-critical, data science workloads in data-driven companies as they seek to balance cost efficiency and agility.

Vendors are taking note. Recently, TIBCO Software noted that it is integrating its Spotfire offering with Snowflake. The new connector allows Snowflake Data Warehouse users to leverage Spotfire's exploration and analytics features natively.

The new integration allows business analysts and data scientists to scale their analysis without performance degradation. While this allows better and more efficient decision-making, it also makes them cloud-first.

"Many customers are going cloud-native, and TIBCO helps get them there quickly. With TIBCO's native support for Snowflake, it's as easy to discover insights from cloud-native data stores as from a spreadsheet," said Mark Palmer, senior vice president, and general manager, data and analytics, TIBCO.

"Data volumes in the enterprise are at an all-time high, and companies need solutions that will fuel their digital transformation journeys. With TIBCO and Snowflake, customers will reap the benefits of being able to manage data at scale and achieve valuable insights,” added Colleen Kapse, vice president, partners, Snowflake.

By integrating with Snowflake, Spotfire can now handle a heavy ETL (extract, transform, load) job without sacrificing ad-hoc query performance. It effectively splits computing power from machine-learning workloads. Connectivity to Snowflake is also self-service, enabling users to gain insights from Spotfire analyses natively within a single environment.

"We are very excited about Spotfire's native support for Snowflake," said Anthony Fiorino, vice president, and chief data officer, analytics, Verisk Insurance Solutions. “Verisk has been working with TIBCO Spotfire on Snowflake for a number of months and has seen significant query performance improvement resulting from the combination of these two best-in-class technologies: Snowflake’s unique cloud-built architecture and TIBCO Spotfire’s powerful analytics engine. We are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve next with the new Snowflake connectivity option."