SCS Releases Reference Guide on AI Ethics, Governance

The Singapore Computer Society (SCS) has launched a reference document for AI deployment entitled "AI Ethics & Governance Body of Knowledge”, or BoK.

Built on Singapore’s voluntary Model AI Governance Framework, which was most recently updated earlier this year, it incorporates the expertise of 60 individuals in the field of AI ethics and governance.

Business use of AI

Packed with use cases, the stated objective of the BoK is to aid in the responsible, ethical, and human-centric deployment of AI for competitive advantage, according to a report on ZDNet.

Referring to the BoK during an SCS event, the Singapore Minister for Communications and Information S. Iswaran said: “Responsible adoption of AI can boost companies' efficiencies, facilitate decision-making, and help employees upskill into more enriching and meaningful jobs. Above all, we want to build a progressive, safe, and trusted AI environment that benefits businesses and workers, and drives economic transformation.”

The BoK will give businesses access to a counsel of experts proficient in AI ethics and governance to deploy the technology responsibly, says the Minister.

SCS also announced a partnership with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to develop an AI ethics and governance certification course for professionals. Scheduled for launch next year, it will be incorporated into NTU’s upcoming MiniMasters program in AI and AI ethics, according to ZDNet.

Around the world, concerns about the fairness and ethics around AI use is increasing as its use permeates our daily lives – often in invisible ways. For instance, researchers discovered that a popular AI training tool could have passed its bias to algorithms since 2003. As more businesses adopt AI, the scrutiny on trustworthy AI has steadily increased.

On this front, the availability of good governance and AI frameworks that focus on fairness, reproducibility, and explainability are being touted as vital components for responsible AI use. Earlier this year, the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School launched a new research center called the Centre on AI Technology for Humankind (AiTH).

Image credit: iStockphoto/wildpixel