Solving Brexit Data Sovereignty With a PoD

Image credit: iStockphoto/Pusteflower9024

Companies went digital during COVID-19, putting their data in the cloud to make it more accessible.

The shift helped. The 2021 IDC-Informatica Global CDO Survey found nearly twice as many mature data organizations migrated data to the cloud in the past year compared to their less-mature peers. The study also showed that these companies experienced more than twice the business value from data than their less-mature counterparts.

However, data locality and sovereignty concerns are now weighing in, especially for companies working in highly regulated industries. In the U.K., Brexit-related data locality concerns are slowing down cloud migration.

“The shift to cloud shows no slowing down as enterprises look to leverage the many benefits of the technology,” said Philip Howard, research director at Bloor Research International.

“However, with complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements around data privacy, locality, and the transfer of data, many organizations prefer cloud-native solutions that are based in their country of operation. Local availability of cloud-native solutions can help companies to adhere to strict data sovereignty regimes while still maximizing the value of digital transformation initiatives.”

It’s one reason why Informatica is expanding the availability of its Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) in the EMEA region with a new U.K. Point of Delivery (PoD). It supports U.K. companies dealing with data sovereignty issues.

With the U.K. no longer part of the E.U., companies must navigate increasingly complex data privacy and locality regulations, making U.K.-hosted cloud services an attractive proposition.

With the new IDMC U.K. PoD, companies can continue to innovate with their data without worrying about data sovereignty.

“As we recover from the impact of the pandemic, the public and private sector alike are looking to the resilience, agility, and efficiencies of the cloud to help accelerate the digital transformations required to boost business,” said Emilio Valdes, senior vice president for EMEA & LATAM at Informatica.

“Informatica continues to invest to expand regional delivery options, and now, with our IDMC U.K. PoD, customers can leverage the simplicity, productivity, and scalability of our Intelligent Data Management Cloud all while making data sovereignty a top priority.”

The Informatica IDMC helps companies visualize, analyze and collaborate with their data regardless of location or platform. The company claims that it helps to connect the right data to the right consumer at the time of need in a trusted, secure way.

With the launch of the U.K. PoD, customers can access services including the Cloud Data Marketplace, allowing them to improve data sharing, productivity, and their ability to make more informed decisions.

Image credit: iStockphoto/Pusteflower9024