Next Google-AISG Apprenticeship Takes Off

Image credit: iStockphoto/metamorworks

Batch 10 of the Google-AI Singapore (AISG) Apprenticeship Programme will take off on 18 April 2022. This is a nine-month program that will offer selected apprentices the opportunity to work with experienced engineers from Google and receive skills training from AI Singapore.

During the program, apprentices will work on live projects and build their skills and experience. They will also have the opportunity to attend workshops, seminars, talks by industry experts, and networking events.

Participants will be trained for two months before being sent out on real-world projects. These two months involve deep-skilling in AI engineering, with machine learning (ML), data engineering, and software development modules.

Projects include those run by AI Singapore's 100 Experiments (100E) initiative to use artificial intelligence (AI) to solve business issues and foster local AI start-ups' growth.

After the program, apprentices will receive a certificate of completion from Google and AI Singapore. They will also be connected to a network of mentors, developers, and engineers for career opportunities.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud will see both teams working on interesting industry projects, talent development, and AI/ML best practices,” said Laurence Liew, the director of AI Innovation for AISG.

AI and machine learning are the next [frontiers] of the digital age, and cloud technologies hold the keys to data-driven solutions that are in demand today,” said Paul Wilson, the managing director for the public sector at Google Cloud Asia Pacific.

The minimum requirements to attend the program are as follows:

  • Singaporean

  • Graduated from a recognized University or Polytechnic (Poly grads will need to have at least three years of working experience)

Knowledge and proficiency requirements:

  • Intermediate programming experience in one of these languages: Python, R, Scala, Java, C, C++, C#, Go

  • Understand basic data pre-processing (handling missing data, outliers, etc.)

  • Able to build machine learning models

  • Able to build data pipelines to train and build your models

  • Able to perform basic code documentation (Readme, docstrings, and requirements.txt)

  • Able to deploy your models in Docker containers

  • Able to provision and use cloud computing infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure

  • Able to do Linux shell scripting

  • Able to use at least one of the following database and data processing technologies such as SQL, NoSQL, Apache Hadoop, and/or Apache Spark

  • Able to use GitHub/GitLab and perform proper code check-in/out and repository

Apprentices also receive a monthly training allowance of SGD3,500 to 5,500, dependent on work experience and qualifications.

Image credit: iStockphoto/metamorworks