EDB Releases Fully-managed ‘BigAnimal’ Postgres Service on AWS, Azure

EDB has announced the general availability of its latest Postgres offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS). EDB BigAnimal is a fully-managed Postgres database in the cloud that offers native compatibility with Oracle database technology.

BigAnimal is designed to give database administrators, architects, and database users a consistent enterprise Postgres solution, combined with expert support, and the freedom to choose where they deploy.

EDB BigAnimal

It is understood that BigAnimal is now available on both AWS and Microsoft Azure, using a consistent interface. With support for more public platforms promised, companies have the flexibility to run the same database on the cloud of their choice, ensuring portability, ownership, and control over their data.

According to EDB, enterprises want freedom from cloud environment lock-in, inconsistencies in user experience, and multiple pricing structures. Charged per vCPU-hour, BigAnimal comes with high availability and runs inside a standard cloud account.

Under the hood, BigAnimal includes full control of data that is fully isolated and tracked through existing AWS and Azure cloud consoles and logging tools. Built-in support for key Oracle features means that Oracle applications can run on Postgres with minimal code changes, delivering faster time-to-benefit from Oracle migrations.

BigAnimal currently offers 99.99% high availability, while an “extreme” high availability of five 9s uptime will be available when EDB Postgres Distributed becomes available within BigAnimal.

Why it matters

Postgres is a popular and open-source relational database that can be used for a wide variety of workloads including analytical queries. While a cloud-based data warehousing service like Snowflake is considered easier to manage and maintain when working with vast amounts of data, Postgres is free of cost and likely to be already deployed within most enterprises.  

Ultimately, data scientists and analysts typically rely on SQL to access data repositories for analysis, either through direct queries or through programming languages such as Python. On this front, both Postgres and Snowflake support SQL.

“BigAnimal ensures peace of mind that even the most complex database challenges can be easily solved by experts who know Postgres inside and out,” said Rich Kennelly, senior vice president of cloud sales and marketing for EDB.

“With EDB BigAnimal, enterprises can forget about distractions such as overhead, maintenance, different pricing models, and quirks between different cloud Postgres offerings. This frees up valuable resources to focus on creating new applications that drive the business forward, and configuring the database for high performance with those applications.”

Image credit: iStockphoto/Andrey Suslov