Running Data Analytics Projects Got a Little Bit Easier

Image credit: iStockphoto/alphaspirit

Scaling and configuring analytics in underlying infrastructures necessitate talent to handle natural languages and data engineers with top-notch visualization skills while also covering the entire range of work needed from data and insights. With the current labor shortage in IT, companies are engaged in a race to lure data analytics talent.

In response, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced three new serverless analytics capabilities that can handle significant quantities of data without requiring customers to set up, scale, or manage the cloud infrastructure underneath them. 

According to AWS, these capabilities do not require an upfront commitment or additional cost to utilize the serverless offerings. Customers only pay for the capacity needed for their analytics workload. 

“By offering the most serverless options for data analytics in the cloud — including options for data warehousing, big data processing, real-time data analysis, data integration, interactive dashboards and visualizations, and more — we are making it even easier for customers to maximize the value of their data to drive innovation, improve customer experiences, and make better decisions faster,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of database, analytics, and machine learning at AWS.`

Sivasubramanian added that these new serverless options allow customers to run variable and intermittent analytics workloads and expand the use of analytics throughout their organizations without worrying about provisioning or scaling capacity or incurring excess costs. 

Amazon’s serverless purpose-built analytics services:

  • Enable customers to run analytics applications in processing unstructured data using open-source big data frameworks for Amazon EMR

  • Simplify real-time data ingestion and streaming for Amazon MSK

  • High-performance data warehousing and analytics workloads on petabytes of data without managing clustering

  • Interactive dashboards and business intelligence via Amazon QuickSight  

  • Data integration through AWS Glue

AWS reports that their customers are experiencing first-hand the benefits of these serverless options and are satisfied with the tech’s impact on their companies’ productivity. 

Amobee, a digital marketing tech company, said that Amazon EMR Serverless allowed their team to right-size the CPU and memory resources required to streamline workflows precisely. 

Meanwhile, agriculture data management company Glas Data uses Amazon MSK for automated data analytics and sending alerts to their customers. Glas Data can automate data monitoring and adjusting, giving them more time to develop their solutions with less attention to storage constraints and excess costs. 

The new serverless solutions have also benefited healthcare, railway, and management consulting companies, namely NextGen Healthcare, Rail Delivery Group, and Huron, AWS claimed.

Image credit: iStockphoto/alphaspirit