Google and Samsung Partner in Pilot Education Project in Vietnam

Image credit: iStockphoto/SunnyVMD

In line with the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training's ongoing efforts to digitalize the education sector, Vinschool partnered with Panl, Google, and Samsung on a pilot Google for Education program at its Golden River campus. This makes Vinschool the first school in Vietnam to embark on such a project.

The pilot program will see teachers and students using Chromebooks and taking advantage of various Google tools to improve their teaching and learning experiences. A research team from the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences will be on hand to monitor and evaluate the progress made by the participants.

In Vietnam, the difficulties included a lack of digital gadgets available to students and instructors, access to the internet (cost and availability), the scarcity of assistive devices for disabled children at home, and parental support for children's active involvement in school.

On average, 43% of Vietnamese teachers allow their pupils to utilize ICT for projects or classwork "frequently" or "always," which is lower than the OECD average (53%) and economies participating in TALIS.

The Google for Education program will become a valuable resource for implementing ICT in education and narrowing the digital divide in Vietnam.

“I’m incredibly excited about this collaboration between Vinschool, Google, and Samsung. While COVID-19 has brought about many challenges, it has also pushed for digital transformation among organizations. What this means for educators is that we’ll have to strengthen our digital skills and develop new teaching methodologies to ensure our students can continue to learn effectively," said Wendy Marie Parry, principal of Vinschool Golden River Primary and Secondary School.

“While it’s still early days in terms of digital transformation in education in Vietnam, we believe that Vinschool will become a pioneer in digitizing K-12 education and driving technological adoption in teaching and learning across all VinGroup’s schools and educational institutes in the country," Scott Wong, head of Google for Education in Southeast Asia, added.

Image credit: iStockphoto/SunnyVMD