MANTA Data Lineage Platform Now Available With IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Image credit: iStockphoto/kentoh

Companies want to leverage data for insights but must first overcome data’s complex lineage. Manual tracing of data lineage is error-prone, time-consuming, and not feasible at scale.

MANTA, a data lineage platform, announced that it is working with IBM to help businesses analyze data for success. The data lineage platform is now available with IBM Cloud Pak for Data to offer businesses tools for tracing the history of their data and the technical details of the data’s use.

MANTA, which recently raised USD35 million in Series B funding, provides an automated data lineage platform that enables companies to build a map of data environments, gaining insight into where data resides and how it flows through an organization. This helps companies maintain data governance, improve incident response, and streamline migration projects.

IBM and MANTA's new partnership means that MANTA’s data lineage product can now be used with IBM’s data fabric solution for data governance and privacy.

This integration enables clients to add MANTA’s historical, indirect, and technical data lineage capabilities to Watson Knowledge Catalog in IBM Cloud Pak for Data to help them perform effective impact and root cause analyses.

“By integrating with IBM Cloud Pak for Data through Watson Knowledge Catalog, this ensures that customers have the tools needed to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive their business forward,” said Petr Stipek, vice president of partnerships at MANTA. 

“This integration enables customers to harness the power of their data to adapt quickly to changing needs, address challenges as they occur and capture new opportunities as businesses evolve,” Stipek further explained.

“Businesses rely on data and AI, but many struggle with data silos that make it difficult to ensure their teams have access to high-quality data without jeopardizing governance and privacy. That’s why clients are turning to IBM to help them adopt a data fabric architecture designed so they can get the right data in the right hands at the right time, regardless of where it resides,” said Michael Gilfix, vice president of product management for data and AI, IBM. 

“The launch of MANTA Automated Data Lineage on Cloud Pak for Data is the latest example of how IBM is delivering new data fabric capabilities so businesses can build a trusted, business-ready data foundation,” Gilfix added.

According to Manta, "Data is among an organization’s most critical assets, yet the volume and complexity of today’s data ecosystems are rife with blind spots that result in slower data delivery, increased number of incidents and unreliable business insights. Having a clear and comprehensive view of all data flows is critical for organizations to help ensure they are maximizing the value of their data governance frameworks and reinforcing overall data management strategies."

Image credit: iStockphoto/kentoh